Saturday, December 24, 2011

We returned today from an overnight trip to the casino (about 2 hours away) to see Brian Setzer's Rockabilly Riot show.  This is our 4th time seeing Brian Setzer at Christmas, so it's kind of a tradition now.  We have previously only seen him with the Brian Setzer Orchestra.  This time he was doing Stray Cats and it was a lot of fun.  Now, I have previously reported that Brian Setzer Orchestra fans are on the dull side.  Brian Setzer rockabilly fans are positively geriatric, which seems kind of odd since the band plays so fast you think they might actually catch fire, and you don't really expect people in wheelchairs (yes, multiple wheelchairs, 3 in our row alone) to go to that kind of show.  But then again the Stray Cats were mainstream when I was in the 3rd grade.  So I am forced to admit that was, like, 30 years ago, so DH and I are actually quite young to be Brian Setzer fans in the first place.  Third graders don't tend to notice guitar virtuosos.

Still, DH was pretty shocked at the high number of 90 year olds in the audience, and I was disappointed when everyone didn't stand up and dance.  I stood up anyway but DH insisted that I sit down and not block the view of the 90 year olds sitting directly behind us.  The band eventually managed to raise the "corpses" as DH called them, and probably 2/3 of the way through the show they had 2/3 of the audience on their feet.  Maybe it just took the geezers that long to get to a standing position.  But at any rate Brian Setzer inspired them to do it.  Hell, even 2 of the 3 wheelchair guys stood up and one of them was on oxygen. 

I wonder how different the makeup of the crowd would have been if the show were in Portland and not at Christmas.

But I had a great time.  The band was so awesome and the people-watching was sublime and had me on the verge of laughter nearly the entire length of the show.

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