Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

All these photos were taken with my new Canon Rebel, a gift from my dad. A really, really awesome gift, I should say. I would have thought a DSLR would be more difficult to use, but it's actually easier right out of the box than any of our point-and-shoot cameras.  I took about a hundred pictures today.  Here are just a few.

Christmas morning, Mae waking up:

Libby playing with her new beautiful blocks:

Mae's first Christmas present:

It's a new fuzzy blanket...

I love it!! she seems to say...

Elmo gets a hug.  Note there are 2 other Elmos on the stuffed animal shelf in the background.

Elmo gets a bite.

And another bite.

Libby has developed a voracious appetite for books.  Thank goodness some new ones were unwrapped today.

We had a wonderful day.  DH cooked a chicken and surprised us with gifts.  Then there was a lot of playing with books and toys.  Everyone was happy and sweet.  I hope all you readers had a wonderful holiday too.

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