Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Failed experiment in video blogging

Typing with one hand, because I'm holding Mae.  I see my blog template is still broken.  Fix it, or change it?  It's been the same template for years.  Hm, a thinker.
Considering switching to video blogging, but there are some problems with that, maybe.  I only use my personal laptop on the weekends, due to lack of desk space.  My work laptop stays on my desk 5 days a week, and I'm not sure how to use its webcam.  Also, video blogging could be a problem if there is a sleeping baby in the office with me. 
But at the moment, there is a wakeful baby with me, and I bet at least a few people would like to see her.  I guess no time like the present, right?  Let's see if we can do this...

...And I'm back to report that the answer is "no"...this laptop does not have any video software installed.  The camera only takes still photos, and unattractive ones as most webcams do, so you don't get to see the practice shot!

And that little experiment took up most of my blog time for the evening, so I'll be signing off now, I guess.

Typical day.  Worked and played and ran errands.  Mexican casserole for dinner tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for dinner, that was great!


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