Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our niece arrived yesterday to help us out and stay for a month.  I also started feeling stranger than usual yesterday - new pains, was hoping they would turn into contractions, but so far they have not.  My doctor helped us schedule labor induction for Monday morning, assuming that Mae doesn't arrive over the weekend.  We chose Monday because DH still doesn't have vacation time and this will be best for his work schedule.  I've already been given some grief about messing with nature, but decided that a retiree doesn't get to have the same opinion as a hard-working family like ours.  So, if all goes well, we'll meet Mae on Monday.  I know labor induction doesn't always work, so I'm hoping for the best or a natural L&D before Monday.

DH lost his wedding ring at the airport when we were picking up our niece, but luckily we were able to retrieve it from Lost and Found today.  Also wanted to report that PDX has the most awesome parking structure I have ever seen.  Every parking space has a light over it that is either red or green, depending on if the space is occupied or vacant.  Further, there is a green-light-count at the end of each aisle and the entrance to each level, so you know how many spaces are available.  No more driving around aimlessly until you find a space.  DH says this is possibly the best use of technology that he has ever seen.

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jer said...

Santa Monica Place has the same parking system....but isn't 100% accurate all the time.


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