Saturday, January 22, 2011


I do have one project this year (despite my resolution not to commit to anything new this year), and it's transcribing a diary of my great-grandmother's.  She wrote a couple of lines every day, even if it was to say "Did laundry" or "Nothing doing," a favorite comment of hers.  I know I don't write as much here but as I've said before, it's because every day is the same and I doubt a post about washing diapers would be very interesting.  But maybe it would be interesting to Libby someday.  I don't know.  So maybe I'll try to post something more often, even if it's boring.

Like this:
Our dishwasher broke.  DH broke it.  I don't exactly mind washing dishes in the sink, but I don't like how they pile up beforehand.  With my schedule I can not wash dishes after each meal.  Even at this moment Libby is shouting at me to let her out of her highchair.  Anyway, I actually figured out which part to order and it will arrive Monday.  Then we can put my DIY skills to use, I hope.  Otherwise I have to pay a repairman $115 to install the part for me.

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