Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas preparations

5 days until Christmas.  I didn't even realize until I saw it posted somewhere on the Internet.  We got all of our gifts mailed last week.  The only thing remaining is a box of Christmas cards for DH's family.  He was getting updated mailing addresses for those.

Decorations went up early in the month, and some of them had to come back down yesterday and today now that Baby is crawling.  The most important decorations to me are the lights.  I taped up mini colored lights in our 2 front windows.  For some reason, the tape was having trouble sticking to one of the windows, but not the other.  I had to resort to hooks in that case.  Therefore one of the windows is very perfect and Martha Stewart, while the other one looks all Whoville.

I would like to make cookies.  I have 3 recipes floating around my head.  Maybe I will do that on Christmas day when DH is home.  Otherwise I don't think it will be possible.  My energy is quite low the last couple of weeks and since Baby does not really nap, the whole day is spent caring for her.  Yes, I think I will do cookies on Christmas day.

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