Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A telephonic invasion

We have a land line at home but only in case we have to make an outgoing emergency call. I don't even have the phone number memorized. As soon as we got the phone line, we immediately started receiving lots of phone calls for whoever had the number previously. None of the calls were from real people. Computers have replaced telemarketers, politicians, and local businesses calling to remind about oil changes or something like that.

I know I gave the phone number to Dish Network when we got the satellite dish, because for some reason the satellite needs a land line when you first hook it up.

Since I don't think I ever gave the phone number to anyone else, then I assume Dish sold my name and number. Now we get phone calls from telemarketers, real people, asking for me by name. They tell me they aren't selling anything but then ask me for money. They're always collecting for some charity or another.

The phone rings several times a day. I was tempted to change the number until I remembered I could just turn the ringer off. Problem solved!

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