Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sunday morning coffee post

Eggnog in my coffee this morning, yum.

Less than 4 weeks til the wedding. Guess we better wrap up the final planning. Soon. I'm very excited about the road trip. We are taking 3 weeks off to do the whole thing, and have no concrete plans after the wedding at this time, so it's fun to have all that freedom.

My sister was vehemently opposed to me making my own wedding cupcakes. I don't think she thought my cupcakes are lousy, just that we don't need to be thinking about cupcakes the day before the wedding. She found a baker that has a reputation for making simple, elegant cupcakes, and we're looking into that instead.

PH and I were amusing ourselves by looking at the local humane society website for pet adoptions. We found a wooly bunny that I thought was very cute. His name is Bun Jovi. I have had all bad luck with pet bunnies in the past. They were always mean, they kicked and bit. I have heard of other people that had adorable pet bunnies who were box trained, but I've never seen such a thing with my own eyes. Well, Bun Jovi claims to be sweet and box trained. He produces fiber ($!) so you have to brush him every day. We are considering sponsoring Bun Jovi until we get back from our wedding and can go meet him and see if he kicks and bites. We are getting a housesitter while we are gone, but I wouldn't want to ask him to groom Bun Jovi every day for 3 weeks.

I started my coffee this morning while playing video games, so I'm out of coffee already.

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Ada Croft said...

Bunny! I am allergic to bunnies and cats, I just found out the bunny allergy thing a couple months ago @ a friends house, but that doesn't stop me from petting them. Bun Jovi sounds so cute!

I heard my mom talking about the cupcakes and I think it'll be awesome. Cupcakes are the bomb.



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