Thursday, November 12, 2009

Random updates

Got my H1N1 shot yesterday, now still need to get the seasonal flu shot. My dr didn't seem to have any, so guess I'll be standing in line at the drugstore or something.

Bun Jovi got adopted already, boo. But at least now I know I would consider a fiber-producing bunny...I hadn't really considered it before...all the fiber bunnies I've seen at shows in Oregon are gigantic scary bunnies. I'd rather have a smaller one.

We're getting a washer/dryer today, woo hoo! No more going to the laundromat!

I can't forgive Kool-Aid for the fact that they stopped making Rainbow Punch back in the '80s. That was the best flavor ever, I remember I could drink an entire pitcher all by myself in one sitting. Nothing tastes as good. Nothing.

1 comment:

Ada Croft said...

Rainbow flipping Kool-Aid?! Awesome(:

Too Bad about Bun-Jovi, he seemed quite nice.



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