Saturday, May 30, 2009

Poor Jack

We took Jack to a new vet to have a checkup and esp to have him look at her teeth. One of them is green. The new doctor says her green teeth have to be pulled. And she has a heart murmur. And then he called a few days later to tell us about the kidney failure, which we already knew about, but he made it sound so grave all over again. The vet thinks that when Jack was a kitten that she got really sick with an infection or virus or something, and that is why her teeth aren't right and her heart isn't right. Might as well blame her kidneys on that too, though he didn't say that.

Anyway, I just know how anyone could look at Jack and speak about her in such grave tones. She is a happy cat and does not seem sick at all. She is only 3 years old. She has the softest coat, and eats crunchy treats and follows me around everywhere, purring her fool head off, and runs around outside and then comes in and bites my ankle and plays with a toy mouse and a paper bag. If her mouth hurts or if she feels sick, she doesn't seem to know it.

At first the doc had me all paranoid. Like if she layed down for 2 seconds together I was like, OMG she is sick, she is suffering, she wants to die! I would run over to her and expect to see her look at me with glazed eyes and refuse to move. Never mind that she has been fine every single day that we've had her. I read a website about feline chronic renal failure (I now know from my own medical history that "renal" means "kidney", I didn't know that before), and it said that after a diagnosis like that it is normal to project your own anxiety onto the cat. So I stopped doing that immediately. I'm sure I will notice if she is not well. I hope we have her for a long time, but however long it is, she will be a happy cat.

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