Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'll Be Dancing On The Ground

So, here's the situation. Dave Matthews Band is on tour (as usual) and I thought it might be good to go see them again, since I don't think PH ever has, and they are one of those bands that you don't "get" until you see them live. But then you do and there's no going back. That's why with such little radio play they still sell out stadiums everywhere they go and put out a live album every year. So I'd been seeing some hype about their upcoming new CD and that got me thinking about going to see them. I looked at a video on YouTube and appreciated someone's simple comment: "God, I love Dave Matthews!"

I went to their website and they had a map of places they'll be. There was only one location anywhere near here. It's in Washington, in the middle of nowhere. I thought that was strange, but didn't give it a second thought after that. I wanted the stadium set and I started looking at dates in Irvine or SFO, maybe. That's when I noticed on their calendar that while they were playing single dates at those venues, they were playing 3 nights in a row in this Washington venue. Suddenly I realized what I was looking at. 3 nights in the middle of nowhere with DMB is a sure recipe for a Burning Man scenario. This was a whole new game. This was what PH needed to see.

All 3 nights are sold out (and at the same time, I noticed tickets had also been sold for campsites, absolutely confirming my Burning Man theory). Markups on ebay are twice as much for the Washington shows as the Irvine show. Good lord, I can not afford this. Or can I not afford to miss it? Further research, and I found out this is an annual event for the Seattle-based Dave. Perhaps I can be better prepared for next year? Or...?

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