Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Food, glorious food

Our kitchen storage is relatively small. As with most apartment kitchens, after we've put away the dishes and pots and pans, there are only 2 (half-size) cupboards left for food. We put baking products in one and everything else in the other. So, during "stock up sales" or whatever, we ended up storing canned things in boxes under the bed. But it was annoying when I was making enchiladas to have to go pull out the box to find a can of tomato paste or something. So we put up one unit of garage-style shelving in our spare room and made it into a pantry. It looks something like the photo above, but on a smaller scale. It's great! Now that we can see what we have, it helps with meal planning. When we first unpacked our box onto the pantry shelves, it seemed there was plenty of room for our pantry to grow. But we were both so excited about having a pantry, within just a few days it was full.
Moving to a new state, and the length of time that PH was not working, both put our checkbook into intensive care. But I look at my pantry and I feel rich.

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