Monday, November 24, 2008

A cat out of water

The cat chat lady on the radio says that cats do not need a bowl of water, if you feed the cat wet food. That lady never met Jack. Since the first day we got Jack, I noticed that she drinks tons of water every day and then uses her sandbox the same amount. If she does not have water, she will drink out of the bathroom sink or the toilet or she will try to get in the shower with you. Sometimes she does those things anyway even when her water bowl is full.

We've decided it's time to have her checked for diabetes. If she has diabetes, we have to give her a shot of insulin every day and find a real petsitter. I hope she's just a really thirsty cat. She is not lethargic and her coat is soft and pretty, so she doesn't have any other symptoms of being sick with feline diabetes.

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