Saturday, September 13, 2008

We have pictures!

Found the camera cable, so I now I have pictures from the camping trip.

Here is one of those giant barges. Each of those tiny boxes is actually a full-sized shipping container.
Barge and our campsite. And Zack's camp site.
We just rode through a covered bridge and stopped to take pictures. That is Zack walking toward me.
Here is the covered bridge.
We were in a very rural area of Washington.
Picture I took while on the bridge to nowhere. This is beautiful Astoria, and you can see me in the rear view mirror.

Astoria Column.

Bridge to nowhere as seen from the Astoria Column. That's actually crossing the Columbia River.
I'm looking at a map and that's when we figured out we were looking at the Columbia River, and not the ocean.


Ada Potata said...

Oh that looks awesome! The barge is so...big! And bargey. Who is the guy in the bright colored suit thing? A policeman?

Ada Potata said...

Oh nevermind, that is Zach. Hah.


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