Sunday, October 28, 2007

Since I haven't posted in a week, this will be a collection of random reports from the last few days.

Spent the first 3 days at work. Both of my supervisors are out of commission, so there is no one to accept my resignation. Have to wait until next week and then try again.

Spent the next few days on schoolwork. My IGR teacher still likes my legislation project, and approves of the direction it's taking. Received new assignments from my other professor and made good headway. Exams are looming, and looking more manageable, but I still need to really get in gear to be prepared.

Set up a home office. I just need a swivel chair, with wheels. I hope I can get one tomorrow. Mike got me a new keyboard to plug into my laptop.

Re-discovered TV. Well, TV on DVD, that is. I still boycott TV with commercials. I don't suppose you remember an old Fox TV show from 1996, called Profit? No, I thought not, it was cancelled after 4 episodes. But it was so brilliant, that 4 episodes was enough to generate a cult following that remains a decade later. I got to thinking about it the other day and it occurred to me that it might be on DVD. I was delighted to find that it was, and they filmed 8 episodes. I didn't even rent it from Netflix, just went to amazon and bought the box set. Well worth it. The show is as brilliant as I remember. Speaking of Netflix though, I just started getting the Lost series. Great TV!

I was complaining to Mike that I am so sick of Christmas shopping already. He just looked at me funny and reminded me that it's October, which made me laugh. Then I realized that I'm not actually sick of shopping. I realized that I had put people on my gift list that I don't actually want to shop for. Once I owned up to that (and crossed the people off), I felt somewhat better. I've never been one to play that gift guilt game, and I'm not about to start now.

Still, I'm not quite done shopping yet, so I walked over to the farmer's market today to see if any crafters were there. There were a couple. Two selling handmade bar soaps. I can not believe there is such a huge market for bar soap. As far as I know, there isn't. People just make handmade bar soap because it's really, really easy, if it's glycerin soap. I bet they go out of business really quickly. Because everyone uses liquid soap now, and glycerin soap doesn't even lather up that well.

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