Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's only the wind, and the trees are falling down

Not much new to report. We are experiencing some sort of wind storm right now. It started last night and is expected to continue at least through tomorrow. I can't watch TV and when Jack comes in from outside I have to spray her with Static Guard.* I hate wind. I really, really hate it. Mike does not understand how this is possible. Last night we repeated a conversation that we have once or twice a year when there is wind:

Me: I hate wind! I looooooooooaaaaathe the wind!!
Mike: How can you hate it? It's only the wind. I don't understand.
Me: Well, you didn't have to go to high school in a town called Sandblaster!!**

*For all the Ellen-hating animal Nazis who can't take a joke, I do not literally spray my cat with Static Guard. I spray it on her brush and then brush her with it like it says on the can.

**Sandblaster is just the town's nickname. On account of it's in the desert and the wind never, ever stops.

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