Thursday, March 22, 2007

Leather Magic is awesome

We have a lovely little leather couch. Ok, it's from Ikea. And it's the 2nd cheapest leather couch they sell. But it's my first leather couch and I wanted it for years, and I love it. When we were couch-shopping, Mike kept warning me that leather was NOT a good choice if we also planned to have a cat. But I just didn't like any of the other styles, and I insisted that a future cat was not the boss of me, and was definitely not standing between me and my dream of a brown leather couch.

So we got the couch, and then we got Jack, and yes, she tried using it as a scratching post quite a few times. The damage wasn't TOO bad, but she poked some obvious holes in the leather, though luckily in some inconspicuous places.

We pretty much trained her to use her post or her scratch pad, but I needed to find a way to hide the damage already done. I checked Yahoo Answers, which has pretty good solutions for real life problems such as this one. One of the users recommended so I gave them a try. I bought their cheapest leather repair kit. It comes with a bunch of little pots of liquid leather in different colors. It also comes with some very detailed instructions about mixing the colors together to exactly match your leather, and then more very detailed application instructions.

I can tell you that even if you ignore the instructions, like I did, you can still get some amazing results with Leather Magic. I was too impatient/lazy to mix colors or to take painstaking care in getting the paint in the right place. I opened the pot of brown paint and used the little plastic spatula that came with it to smear it on the dozens of tiny holes that Jack left in the couch. Then I used the edge of the plastic spatula to scrape the excess off, and a paper towel to buff it. Done! The damage is disguised beautifully. I love it.

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