Friday, March 23, 2007

Flylady shoes and new ring

I just realized I've been blogging for more than a year now. I would have liked to celebrate the anniversary, but I forgot. Maybe next year.

Yesterday I dropped a plastic cup on my little toe and it still hurts. I know I didn't break the toe because it's not swollen, but it hurts when I walk and I wonder if I did something to the nerve, because at times I can trace a line of pain all the way up through my knee and into my hip. I can't believe a little plastic cup could do that much damage. I should wear socks more often. Omg I should be wearing shoes! If I were wearing my Flylady shoes this would not have happened!

In other news, I am having a ring designed. Lived in Los Angeles all my life but never took advantage of the Diamond District before now. I had an idea for a ring about a year ago, and I actually found a similar design on the Internet, but it was priced ridiculously high, especially for someone who lives near a wholesale district. So I am working with a ring designer to create a mold and ring especially to my specifications. It is harder than I thought because I have to visit the designer once a week and try to verbalize or draw my thoughts, and then he works on it and makes a fake ring for me, then I go back and look at it and we do it again. But the designer is very, very nice and doesn't seem to mind doing this even though he quoted me a fixed price on labor. Yesterday I looked at it again and made more changes, to view next week. It's fun.

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