Thursday, March 29, 2007

Expensive day

Today started out like a normal day, but ended up costing over $1000. First, I found out that Genesis will be performing at the Hollywood Bowl, and I couldn't pass up 2 tickets. Then I went to meet with the ring designer and found that only a few more changes needed to be made and he was able to make them within the hour, so I took my ring home today. Then I wanted to get Mike some new luggage for our trip to Chicago. At this point, the day was just under $1000 and we made a joke to see if we could find something else to buy. That is when the saddest thing happened. We came home and called for Jack, who had been outside, and she came limping up the sidewalk, filthy. She had been in a fight. The trip to the emergency pet hospital put us over the 4-digit mark today.

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