Monday, April 03, 2006

Mail situation, continued

Update on the mail situation. Confirmed that the dog bite actually happened, and it was enough to draw blood. Ouch. Our address is now known to post office personnel as "Dogbite." We went to the post office on Saturday to pick up our mail. On the way, we noticed a mail carrier on the sidewalk. So we pulled over and asked him if he was delivering mail to the top of the hill. "Dogbite?" he said. "No, they wouldn't let me." I felt like driving back up the hill and posting a sign that said "Welcome to Dogbite," or, "You're in Dogbite." There is no end to this mail-freeze in sight. My next-door neighbor (#16) asked Mike and me to please bombard our landlord with complaints. Mike had to explain to him that this is beyond our landlord's control. I checked our mailbox today, just in case. Still empty. One of my neighbors (#7) taped a handwritten note to his box. It said, "Dear mailman, Please deliver my mail."

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