Saturday, October 14, 2017

Saturday coffee post

I haven't been taking a lot of photos lately. What have I been doing. No babysitter. Homeschooling.

The big news is that in less than a month the new Vietnam Memorial monument will be installed, with a dedication ceremony on Veterans Day. My name was in the paper and my book was on TV. That sentence is true but I should clarify my name was in the paper as "contact person" as opposed to "person who did all the research". And my book was on local access cable.

I built this website:
It needs a little work. I see my favicon isn't showing up. And of course I will add photos of the monument after its installation.

The cool thing (one of the cool things) is that I helped pay for one of the granite benches being installed, and that bench will have a QR code embedded in it that links to my website.

I have contacted several of the young men's family and descendants and they are coming to the ceremony.

I wasn't there when my book was on TV but here is a photo. We had our house painted last week and at the time of this meeting I was still putting the house back together.

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