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{genealogy} My Mayflower Ancestor - George Soule

Edited August 14, 2016: the 2nd line is NOT CORRECT. Lydia Berry's father is Elisha Berry, not Elijah Berry. The interwebs commonly reports that these 2 gentlemen are the same person. They are not. There were 2 brothers, one named Elisha and one named Elijah. To further confuse everyone, they both married wives named Dinah. BUT THEY ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON.

There's a Thanksgiving meme among genealogists, to post about their Mayflower ancestors on Thanksgiving, so I'm joining in.  Some people have a lot of Mayflower ancestors.  I think I only have one.  But I'm descended through 2 lines, so does he count twice?

Here is the first lineage from him to me (note that none of this research is my own, but calculated based on correspondence I had with the Mayflower Society in January 2014):

  • George Soule (my 10th great-grandfather) (1593-1679/80) married about 1626 to Mary Bucket (1590-1676)
  • John Soule (my 9th great-grandfather) married Rebecca Simmons
  • Rebecca Soule (my 8th great-grandmother) married Edmund Weston
  • Rebecca Weston (my 7th great-grandmother) married Thomas Darling
  • Joanna Darling (my 6th great-grandmother) married Bani Teague (who, incidentally, is one of my DAR Patriots)
  • Judah Teague (my 5th great-grandfather) married Eleanor Knight
  • Richard Teague (my 4th great-grandfather) married Lydia Lombard
  • Judah Dana Teague (my 3rd great-grandfather) married Eveline Morse
  • Clara Teague (my 2nd great-grandmother) married Rousseau Burch
  • Winifred Burch (my great-grandmother) married La Rue Royce
  • My grandfather
  • My mother
  • Me

My 2nd lineage line:

  • George Soule (my 11th great-grandfather) (1593-1679/80) married about 1626 to Mary Bucket (1590-1676)
  • Susanna Soule (my 10th great-grandmother) married Francis West
  • Martha West (my 9th great-grandmother) married Moses Barber
  • Dinah Barber (my 8th great-grandmother) married Edward Wilcox
  • Lydia Wilcox (my 7th great-grandmother) married Stephen Saunders
  • Dinah Saunders (my 6th great-grandmother) married Elijah Berry
  • Lydia Berry (my 5th great-grandmother) married George Champlin (also a DAR Patriot)
  • Lydia Champlin (my 4th great-grandmother) married Jared Crandall
  • Ann Eliza Crandall (my 3rd great-grandmother) married Edward Rose
  • Elbert Lee Rose (my 2nd great-grandfather) married Catherine Rigoulot
  • Grace Rose (my great-grandmother) married Earl Durham
  • My grandmother
  • My father
  • Me
So this means that George Soule is both my 10th great-grandfather and my 11th great-grandfather.  And my parents are 10th cousins, once removed.

The Mayflower Society tells me that the first line (through my mom) is well-documented.  They said the 2nd line is less well-documented, though they seem to indicate that it wouldn't necessarily be too daunting for me to prove the relationships that need a little more proof.

I must have been busy in Seattle when I heard back from them in January, and I kind of forgot to follow up after that.

Well, more on that some other time.
Happy Thanksgiving!


KevinMc said...

I can confirm that the lineage you are posting from George Soule through Judah Dana Teague is replicated in many family histories including my own. This is a lineage rich with early American history. Through this line you can find those who fought in almost every war of the early colonies and states, participants in the Salem witch trials and those who arrived in this country as slaves sent by the British crown.

Heather said...

Salem witch trials? How spooky and creepy! I haven't come across that yet...


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