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{genealogy} Teague ancestry part 1 and Clara Louise Teague

I did this research over Thanksgiving weekend but I didn't post it until now because I wasn't sure how to do it in blog form. I actually wrote this in a template with the intention of making a print book. Which I still intend to do, but I also wanted to post it here, and my print version doesn't immediately translate to blog format.

This series of posts is biographies for my direct ancestors in the Teague family. My lineage is as follows:

my mom
John Royce – Marjorie Grace Gibbons
La Rue Royce – Winifred Teague Burch
Rousseau Angelus Burch – Clara Louise Teague
Judah Dana Teague – Eveline Frances Morse
Richard Teague – Lydia Lombard
Judah Teague – Eleanor Knight
Bani Teague – Joanna Darling
Daniel Teague – Elizabeth Lane
Daniel Teague – Sarah Pray

Clara Louise Teague
Heather’s 2nd great grandmother

When Clara Louise Teague was born on July 1, 1856, in Turner, Androscoggin Co, Maine, her father, Judah, was 34 and her mother, Eveline, was 36. Her mother died in 1868 when Clara was 12 years old. Her father remarried shortly after. By 1870, the family had moved from Turner to Lyndon, Aroostook Co, Maine.

In June 1880, Clara is still living with her father and stepmother and 8 other children. They are living in Caribou, Aroostook Co, Maine. She is 22 years old and she is working as a teacher. There are also a servant and a laborer in the household. Two of the children in the house are reported to be ill with diphtheria, and later it is reported in the newspaper that those 2 children passed away. (Sadly, a baby also dies shortly after the diphtheria incidents when the baby falls into a tub of water and drowns.)

In 1881, Clara graduated from Cornell University. I learned this from her obituary, and then I located a copy of the 1881 yearbook, copy reprinted later in this text. I also wrote to Cornell Registrar, who confirmed that she graduated from that school, though he wasn't able to tell me much else.

25 Jul 1881 – Boston Post

7 Jul 1881 – The Saline County Journal

25 Dec 1884 - The Saline County Journal

Clara’s older brother, Milton Dana Teague, got a banking job in Salina, Kansas in 1883. It was reported that a friend from Maine got him this job, but I wonder if Clara had something to do with it.
Clara met Rousseau Angelus Burch of Salina. They were married 25 Sep 1889 in Salina, Kansas.

3 Oct 1889 – The Abilene Weekly Reflector

In the 1900 census Clara and Rousseau are living in Salina, Kansas, and they report having been married for 10 years.

In 1901, Clara joined the DAR under patriot ancestor John Walker. Her DAR ID is 37669. She joined the Topeka chapter. In 1904, she was named Regent of the Salina chapter. The Topeka chapter still exists today, but the original Salina chapter appears to have dissolved. (A newer chapter in Salina has taken its place.) The Topeka chapter history says that they were formed in 1896 and that membership increased slowly because it was considered “snobbish” to talk about one’s ancestry. So, either Clara was a snob or she was ahead of her time. J Being from Cornell, which would have been kind of hoity-toity in 1881, well, "snob" isn't entirely unlikely.

In addition to DAR, Clara was involved in a literary society and other women’s clubs in the Topeka area.

DAR listed her address as 827 Tyler St., Topeka, Kansas. Today this would have been 827 SW Tyler Street, but when I look on Google Earth it appears the old home no longer exists. This address is walking distance from the capitol buildings where her husband would have worked, but the building appears to be an apartment or warehouse.

29 Dec 1913 – The Topeka Daily Capital
This article helps explain why she has both Topeka and Salina affiliations:

They had two children during their marriage: daughter Winifred, in 1891, and son Angelus in 1895. Clara died on April 25, 1928, in Salina, Kansas, at the age of 71, and was buried there, at Gypsum Hill Cemetery, Blk 18, Lot 20, Space 14.

25 Apr 1928 – The Hutchinson News
death certificate

headstone - hard to read!

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