Sunday, September 30, 2012

The year of Heather begins!

I think I have announced more than one Year Of Heather.  I think I said the same thing New Year 2012.  Who cares, it's my rule and I can have more than one year. 

This renewed Year of Heather is due to my recent 40th birthday!  Which we celebrated with 9 cupcakes,

lots of presents,
lunch out, and then an evening out at a special movie event hosted by a writer that I know, that I had not seen since high school.  That's 22 years ago, if you like numbers.

The rule of the Year of Heather is pretty simple.  I do things I like to do and I don't do things I don't like to do.  The first time I announced this it was basically because I had just spent 2 straight years doing things I don't like to do.  Now it is because I have lived on this planet 40 years and that seems like a milestone, which deserves to be celebrated with doing things I like to do (which I've been doing anyway) and not doing things I don't like to do (having patience with stupid people; this led to me firing the handyman and the mortgage lender).

Mortgage lender, you ask?  That's right, we're house hunting again.  I'm not really sure how it will work out at this exact moment since Mike is barely employed while he's in school, but we figure we certainly won't know unless we ask the lender.  Unfortunately the first lender we spoke with wasn't very bright.  I said I'm too old to deal with a trainee, thank you very much.  Next!

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