Sunday, October 02, 2011

Yankee Candle Mistletoe is a very good fragrance.

Yesterday we picked up one of our cars from the dealer where it had been in the service dept for a couple days.  The windshield had a big crack in it.  It did not have a crack in it when we dropped it off.  Mike is going to talk to the service manager on Monday.  In the meantime the service rep took pictures (while denying responsibility) and Mike took pictures again when he got home.  Mike is pretty confident that it will be resolved easily.  He paid for the service with the Amex and you know they are pretty legendary for withholding payment for disputes that you would think would be out of their jurisdiction.  But I hope it will not come to that and the dealer will make it right.  One of the things the rep said today is that it was probably already chipped and simply cracked under the heat when the car was washed.  Then he pointed out some dirt on the could it be washed, exactly?

I'm still listed as the webmaster for my DAR chapter, and I received an inquiry asking for a genealogy software recommendation.  Right up my alley, and I was very delighted to answer!

Mike and I fixed Mae's swing on Friday night, and it was useful today in helping her sleep.  Libby did not want to go to sleep at night.  I wish I could let her stay up and we didn't have to be on a schedule.

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