Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moving the rocks

Yesterday I shoveled rocks in our back "yard" in preparation for putting in a small playhouse for Libby (and eventually, Mae).  I probably moved about 10 or more buckets of rocks, until Libby starting eating mud and we had to go back inside.  I'm just trying to clear about 16 square feet.  It hardly looks like I did anything.  Underneath the top layer of rocks is a layer of rocky soil.  Mike went out and bought a pickaxe so we can break it up easier.  The yard is not level, so we will need to dig a hole and then backfill until it is level.  But, for a roughly 4' x 4' area, I doubt it will take too long.

Libby took a nap and then we went to play at the park. 

I stayed up late working on the diary project and trying to organize my thoughts.

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