Thursday, August 04, 2011

Our niece has been keeping us motivated to get the final unpacking done.  She helped motivate DH to organize the garage, we're almost done decorating the wall unit mantelpiece over the fireplace, and we hung up our portrait gallery.  Tomorrow we will go have new portraits taken with Mae. 

Our neighbor is letting us use their trash can while they are on vacation, which is motivation for us to fill it up.  We're down to a few more boxes and I hope to have them emptied and gone by the time Ada leaves next week.

DH took Liberty to a new (to us) park a couple days ago and said it was really great, so we went back today so I could see it too.  It's very posh and so hilariously perfect, even filled with perfect baseball teams and perfect picnicking families, that I felt like I was in the Truman Show for a minute.  Libby loves the playground and played a long time, which made it pretty easy to put her to bed tonight. 

A really huge, posh, awesome more reason to love the city!

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