Monday, October 11, 2010

The house-hunting has been put on hold.  We've determined that when our lease is up at the mountain house, that we're not going to be in a position to make a down payment on our own place yet.  But more importantly, DH is no longer married to the idea of staying at his current job forever.  He's decided to review other job openings, maybe even out of state.  Therefore we are not going to enter the real estate market until we're satisfied that his job will stay put. 

This means that we will probably take a rental in or near city of Portland.  We are both delighted at the idea of moving back to a city.  We do love the isolation of the mountain house, but that's also our biggest complaint.  The lack of services has lately become very difficult to bear.  Case in point: I called a hauler to come take an old sofa away, and the hauler declined the job because I live too far away, even though his advertisement was delivered to my mailbox.

Other services that are at least a 1-2 hour drive from the mountain house, or that we are eliminated from receiving at all due to our location:
Haircuts (DH and I have both gotten haircuts in the nearest town, 20 minutes away, and they were lousy)
Cleaning service
Grocery delivery
Auto detailing
Service organizations that we are members of
Swimming pool
Adults gym
Pizza delivery

I told DH that after we move I will probably go crazy on such services.  Even if I didn't use them frequently before, that I probably will later simply because I CAN.

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