Monday, January 18, 2010

Zack attack

We have a new cat! His name is Zack and he is 6 years old. We adopted him from one of DH's co-workers who has been working a lot of hours lately and couldn't play with Zack as much as he wanted. Zack is very sweet and likes to snuggle up next to you. When we brought him home, he was a little bit anxious for a couple days, investigating every corner of the house and hardly ever sitting still. He spent the first night in a closet, but the 2nd night he slept on the bed with me. DH was jealous when I told him. Jack used to sleep on his chest every night.

On the 3rd day, DH and I went to the movies, and when we got back, it seemed that Zack had made up his mind that he'd like to stay with us. He crawled over me to sit directly between DH and me and stopped pacing the floor. Now he sleeps with DH at night and me in the morning.

He seems healthy, which is nice after having such tragic kitties before. He can jump high and very gracefully; Jack was a klutz and in the end she could not jump at all. Jack had a poor/picky appetite; Zack will eat anything including plants and Christmas decorations.

I saw him chasing a little fly or a moth, and I thought he might like one of those laser pointer things. Boy, does he! He goes nuts for that thing! Jack never seemed attracted to it, but she loved catnip, which Zack seems he couldn't care less about. So we play with the laser thing, and since I want him to feel like he caught something in the end, I put down treats for him and then point the laser at the treats. I don't think he's falling for it.


jer said...

Love the belly shot! Welcome home Zack!

Jeremy said...

What a great little mox!


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