Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dream house no more

Today we met with a selling agent for the "dream house" and viewed the interior. Thankfully, it was horrible. We saw that the house was much more of a fixer than we had originally thought. Ultimately, the house had no value to us at all. We liked many features of the land and the exterior of the house (deck, covered porch, etc), but without a home that is liveable by our standards, the price seemed too high. Also, the home is a foreclosure, so the seller is actually Fannie Mae, and the agent explained to us that because of that, the pricing/payment/contract terms are not the same as a house that is not a foreclosure. There were a couple of terms that I did not like, so that also made it easy for us to walk away and not feel like we were missing out on something.

In the meantime, I've talked with a buyer's agent who I already like very much, and DH has been tasked with meeting with different lenders to discuss pre-qualifying for financing. Now that the immediate pressure is off, I hope we can have some fun with house-hunting.

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