Saturday, July 04, 2009

Nearly Missed

I was sitting at my computer yesterday when I thought I saw smoke appear as if from nowhere. Little wispy tendrils of smoke. Then it was gone. About half an hour later, I saw it again. This time I saw it was coming from my computer power cord, which of course immediately got unplugged. My laptop is pretty old, and where the cord connects to the power unit, it simply wore out and cracked. I am so lucky that I saw it happen. I could have not been home, or simply could have left the power unit on the floor as the cord is really long, and I never would have seen it. It was certainly a lesson in unplugging, as well as checking the status of "old" cords, or at least ones that get folded up and travel a lot.

I have 2 computer batteries, but neither one lasts very long. I immediately ordered a couple of replacement power cords, but it occurred to me later that even with rush delivery I am not going to receive them in time for my trip to D.C. next week. At first I panicked because I was planning to bring my computer to the DAR Library to do some genealogy research. But before the battery died I was able to copy my family tree over to PH's computer (which I'm using now), so no issues there. And I should be able to complete (limited) work on PH's computer too. So, no worries.

I'll have to post about 4th of July weekend later, though, because not all of my photos are on PH's computer yet...

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