Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A proper taco

Dear Portland,

Tacos look like this.

Your friend,
Los Angeles


hungry in Los Angeles said...

mmmmm.... the power of suggestion... now I need to have some tacos. - Where wasw that pic taken?

Heather said...

Dona Maria in La Crescenta. Address is 729 Foothill Blvd, 91011. We also really liked the Spanish rice. Yummy, yummy.

Heather said...

I mean La Canada, not La Crescenta. close enough.

Anonymous said...

So my dream of opening a Mexican Restaurant in Oregon remains intact. I take it from your comment that good tacos (and probably other Mexican fare) is not easy to find? - Arlene

Heather said...

We went to half a dozen Mexican restaurants as soon as we moved here, and found them all to be terrible representations of Mexican food. The acid test for me is that I always order a crisp taco, and they always serve it in a Mission-brand taco shell that came from the grocery store cardboard box.

We have never been so excited to see the Baja Fresh chain, which for my money has the best Mexican food in Portland.


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