Monday, May 11, 2009

Lay down at 5, jump up at 6, and start all over again

It was a very nice weekend. Mike has been working a lot of overtime, in preparation for taking lots of time off in June and July. He says he only has 2 days off this month. One of them was Saturday. The sun was out on Saturday and I spent a nice lazy day on the patio. I wore my best warm weather clothes and opened a bottle of a very expensive perfume that I had been saving for a sunny day. Mike gave me some of his overtime money and I went shoe shopping. We went to the movies to see Star Trek, which was awesome!

On Sunday I made cheese, strawberry jam, and bread. I reorganized the bookshelf, did all the chores, and finished our shopping at Target. And somehow I managed to do 4 hours of paying work as well.

The cheese didn't turn out very good. It doesn't taste like anything at all. It was my first time making cheese. It looks pretty in the picture, though.


Shannon Kristine Croft said...

What sort of jam is that?

Heather said...

It's strawberry freezer jam. It's called freezer jam because it's not cooked, so it's not sterile and has to be stored in the freezer if you don't plan to eat it right away. Since it is not cooked it has more of a "fresh" taste and appearance.


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