Saturday, August 02, 2008

It's a really hard word to say

About a week ago, I submitted a request to transfer my health insurance from CA to OR. I think someone from Blue Cross of Oregon is supposed to contact me with an offer.

I told Mike today, "No one has contacted me to offer me Oregon insurance yet."
He said, "Organ insurance?! what the heck is that?!"
I said, "No. OR-Y-GUN."

The locals say you're supposed to pronounce Oregon with 3 syllables, so it doesn't sound like "organ". I actually do say all 3 syllables, but I say them really fast so it almost sounds like 2. In my opinion, that's how you're supposed to say it. But a lot of people, and I mean a lot, take the time to really enunciate all 3 syllables. And sometimes they say it OR-Y-GUN and sometimes it's OR-Y-GON.

We asked one of the locals about the pronunciation, and she said the last syllable is "gun" and that the over-enunciation thing is a recent development. Which just underscores my theory that the correct pronunciation is the way I say it. Or-eh-gun, quickly so that if you are not listening hard enough you will think I said "organ".

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