Saturday, December 29, 2007

No luck today

Since Mike is off school and I am no longer a student, we realized we had Saturday off together for the first time in a long while. We decided to take a day trip to Palm Springs to go on the aerial tram and do some hiking or something. But when I checked the tram cam, I realized there was no snow. It seemed like it would be much more majestic with snow, but we decided to go anyway. But on the way to Palm Springs I noticed that it was very, very hazy in So Cal today, and so we decided that the view from the mountain top probably wouldn't be very spectacular. So we cancelled our plans. I thought maybe we could go to Disneyland instead, since I still haven't seen Small World Holiday this year. But Mike called ahead and found out that today was a blockout day for us...our annual passes are not good around the holidays. So we turned around and went to Pasadena and did some shopping and then I stopped to get the oil changed in my car. I asked Mike if he wanted to go to Huntington Gardens while we were in Pasadena, but he said we were having bad luck today and should just go home. We did. Went and did some more errands at home and that's when I noticed a woman staring at my car, her gaze sort of fixed as if looking underneath the car. I was confused. Later it became clear. The oil changers had not put my car back together. My car sits very low to the ground and so we could not fix it ourselves. I had to drive all the way back to Pasadena to have it fixed. Very annoying, bad luck today indeed.

The haze had its moment though, today. Mike called me outside at sunset and the whole sky was pink, everything was glowing pink for a few minutes, everything. I went upstairs to my neighbor's balcony and took this picture.

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