Monday, December 24, 2007

Festivities part 2

We celebrated Humanlight yesterday without much light. There was fantastic exchange of gifts in the morning, then a Humanlight party with turkey dinner, and the final event of the evening was to drive to a light festival. It was scheduled to close at 9pm, and even though we left the house at 8, we got there late since we had gotten lost a couple of times. It appeared to be going strong though...the line of cars went on for a mile that we could see. After we traveled that first mile, it appeared it was the first of many. No lights in sight. We made a U-turn and went home. I don't know what the lights would have been like, but here at home we have a drive-through light festival that is wildly popular and yet sucks. It sucks because the light sculptures just aren't detailed enough. I'm sure many people would disagree with me since they line up for miles here too, every year, but I have seen it twice (the 2nd time under duress) and all parties agreed that it sucked. The sculptures are creative in theme, but not very twinkly or pretty in content. It's hard to explain without pictures. I'll see if I can find examples of what I'm talking about.

We flew home today. I read a Steve Martin book The Pleasure of My Company on the flight home. I liked it much better than Shopgirl.

We are on our way to a midnight mass. I hope it is nice. And that we don't get struck down by lightning when we enter the church. To say that we don't usually attend church is an understatement. But Mike was raised Catholic and felt nostalgic for midnight mass, though I kind of refused to go to a Catholic church and found an Episcopal one instead, one that promised professional musicians and singers, the most important part of the service to me.

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