Monday, October 15, 2007

I fired Photobucket

When Yahoo Photos closed, they gave me the option to move my photos to one of many other websites, including Flickr, Snapfish, and Photobucket, among others. I chose Photobucket because I already had an account with them.

However, I regretted it soon afterward because I realized Photobucket is not so good with mass uploads. It loads all the photos in reverse order, and there's no easy way to rearrange them. It's easy to load photos into the wrong folder. And worst of all, the mass uploader just doesn't work. Say you want to upload 42 photos. It will say it received all 42 photos, but then when you go and check, you only have about half. So you try again. And then this is weird. Say you only select the other half that got lost the first time. Somehow, selections from the first half will get uploaded again, and then of course some of the ones you actually selected are missing again. At first I thought it was me not paying attention to what I was clicking, but after a few tries I always had this issue with mysterious duplicates.

But what really killed it for me was the fact that they show adult videos in the ad section while I am working in my photo albums. The first one I saw, I was like, what the...? But figured some programmer at Photobucket thought it was borderline innocent so they went for it. But then a 2nd and 3rd...really, really annoying.

So I took a look at Flickr, because I thought that one is owned by Yahoo, and since I liked Yahoo I thought maybe it would be similar. They were cute, but I didn't choose Flickr because they have file size limits even with a paid subscription.

So I'm on Snapfish. So far so good. Free, took all my photos in one giant upload, and working out well so far.


Dad said...

prepare legislation that requires internet providers such as Photobucket to either warn you in plain English up front that they will run adult images on your workspace. Would Ada be able to see these videos while looking at photos of Jack or your trip to some fun place?

Federal Communication Commission is approachable and a well crafted regulation might complete the assignment for your class. If they wrote back it would count as a noble try.

Vonnie said...

Have you tried Picasaweb with Google? I've used it and I quite like it...

Heather said...

Dad, I pitched your idea to my teacher and he loved it. This is now my final project.

Vonnie, I haven't tried Picasaweb, but I will now. I use photo albums "professionally" in doing genealogy research for other people. Right now I'm working on a project for a 92-year old lady and I want her online experience to be as hassle-free as possible.


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