Sunday, October 14, 2007

Do this, don't do that...

I started a new class last week. It will be my last class for this degree. And it's a tough one. I'm rather disappointed because I'm already enrolled in a tough class in addition to needing to study for the comp exams.

Here is why it is tough: the assignment is to do something. Not research something, not write something, but DO something. And not just something, it has to be something to do with a regulation or policy and it must involve at least 2 government agencies. It's not enough to just donate money to a nonprofit or lobby your congressman. So, 7 weeks from now, please expect to be hearing about "Heather's law" all over the news, though I have no idea what that law will be.

Ok, the teacher doesn't exactly expect us all to get laws passed in 7 weeks. But we have to try, and then report on our experience.

So, here are my options:
1. Get a regulation/law/policy enacted.
2. Get a regulation/law/policy changed.
3. Get a regulation/law/policy repealed.

Option #1 is out, due to a recent realization that I strongly believe THE WORLD HAS ENOUGH REGULATIONS!!!! STOP MAKING MORE!!! (Am I turning into a Libertarian?)

So I am left with options 2 or 3. I have to have a proposal to my teacher by Thursday and I have no idea what I want to change or repeal.

ok, sure, I have plenty of ideas, but they are all too big (solve the health care crisis!), too selfish (do whatever it takes to make sure I get health insurance!), too whine-y (why can't I get anyone to pick up my trash?), or don't involve at least 2 government agencies.

The trash question really is a legitimate problem, but there is already a policy in place. Someone is supposed to pick it up, but sometimes they just don't. I could complain about it, but I don't see that there is a need to change the policy.

And there's another dogmatic issue that is holding me up. Aside from being opposed to regulation (or rather, the idea of too many frivolous regulations), I'm also developing principles of self-reliance. So, taking the trash example a little further, when no one picks it up, I don't call and complain. I take care of the trash by myself. I get creative.

And if I don't agree with a regulation, I just don't comply. Interestingly, one of the things that I've learned in my studies in the last year and a half is that this method actually works.

I told my teacher that I'm having trouble with this project. I told him that the way it works in my mind, is that I do research and come to a conclusion and then it is up to a legislator to act on my conclusion. Since I am not a legislator at this time, then I'm concerned about setting myself up for failure. My teacher said I should focus on something that makes me mad, and then try to do something about it.

Let's see...what makes me mad? That no one has tried to remove the Current Occupant(s)? Well, I have exams on December 1st. I don't have time to do that too!

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