Tuesday, September 04, 2007

LA County has no power and the milk is getting sour

That was yesterday, anyway. We have power today. But about 1000 customers in "unincorporated LA County" (where we live) lost power due to some sort of literal meltdown in the heat yesterday, for about 8 hours. It was fun, like camping. We could see stars, for once. All the neighbors hung around outside and barbecued and drank beers from the refrigerators that were no longer working. After a few hours, and the sight of a news van driving down our street, I called Edison to see what was up. It was horrible because I had to wait on hold for one hour, but after a while I felt like I was doing a community service so I could not hang up.

I had not finished some work, but it wasn't critical, so the outage really didn't interrupt me too badly.

The only annoying thing was the thing that is always annoying. That my street borders the city of Glendale on 3 sides, and they had power. They always have service when we do not have service. It is weird when the invisible line of demarcation becomes visible. I just wonder why the line was drawn that way. I mean, I can see bordering the city on one side, or even 2 sides. But on 3 sides is weird because they had to deliberately draw little lines that carve out my street, so from my street north to the mountains, we sit in a little Glendale pocket.

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