Sunday, September 02, 2007

AV Fair

Friday I went to the Antelope Valley Fair with Mike and my dad. I planned the trip up there so that I could work on a field project for school at the same time (interviewing a Director at a nonprofit), but alas, the Director had to break our appointment, so I was glad to have an alternate reason for being in the AV since the drive took over an hour.
First, a stop at my old alma mater, Antelope Valley College, to finally see my brick in the "Pathway of Knowledge". There were surprisingly few bricks in the Pathway of Knowledge. I don't think selling bricks is a very good fundraiser. Disneyland has bricks, and there's still lots of room. And my sister says her kids' elementary school does the brick-thing, and also has very few. Though she pointed out that a brick doesn't take up much room, so maybe they raise a lot of money but it just doesn't seem like it.
Then off to the fair, where we saw the usual crafts and vendors and food and rides and animals. Well, not so many animals, because it was near the end of the fair (last day is tomorrow), but lots of goats (that's a baby goat pictured at the top), and for some reason, dogs wearing costumes. My favorite dog was wearing a coat of live flowers. That dog won the contest.

Then we went to the carnival. I took this picture from the Falling Star ride. You can see it was getting ready to rain. Boiling rain is the worst, except when it is so hot that the rain doesn't even hit the ground, which is what happened that day. We got to get on all the rides for free with our admission ticket, and we also got to go to the arena to see the Figure 8 races. I had never seen Figure 8 races before so I didn't know what to expect. At first I was kind of disappointed that we didn't get to see Heart, who had played the AV Fair a few days before. But then the cars came out and I saw they were junk, like for demolition derby, so then it got more exciting. They had pros and non-pros driving, and I took this video of one of the amateur races. You can see some drivers stealing the lead after the 2-minute mark in the video. I got a sore throat from screaming.

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