Sunday, September 03, 2006

Memory from The Gig

We were shopping on Melrose today and drove past this nightclub/bar called The Gig. What nice memories I have of The Gig. One of my fondest memories of all time happened there.

It was 2003, and I went to The Gig by myself, to check out a band called Adam and the Weight. Ed from Live was there. Now, Live is my one of my favorite bands in the whole world except for their last 3 albums. And Adam happens to be Ed's brother. I had seen A&TW8 open up for Live before, which is how I knew they were pretty good and I'd like to see them again. And although I also happened to know that Ed lives in the Hollywood area, it didn't really occur to me that he would be at the show. So I was sitting on a couch, alone, and it was pitch dark, and I turned around, and I saw him. Way over by the door, standing with a friend. But even in the dark and from a distance I knew it was him. I thought about going to talk to him, but then I decided against it, since there was nothing for me to say except something stupid about how much I like him. Also, I was concerned about ruining our rock star-fan dynamic. For all I know, Ed is a jerk in real life. I don't want to find out about that if that's the case.

Then the band came on stage, and Ed came up behind me to talk to some people he knew. He was, like, 3 feet away from me. During one of the songs, Adam sang a line “blah blah blah you”, and to emphasize “you” he pointed directly to me. There was no mistake that he was pointing to me because no one was sitting around me. So just as I was basking in being “the girl”, Ed stepped forward 3 feet to take a look at me. Probably to see if he knew me, since his brother had just pointed. I sipped my cocktail demurely as if I didn't notice him. When I think that Ed was curious about me, if only for half a second, I can’t stop laughing.

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