Monday, July 17, 2006

This heat wave is murder

I haven't written for a few days because I'm in a pit of depression. Really, why does it have to be so hot? And don't tell me it's global warming. GW is supposed to be 1 or 2 degrees at a time, not 20 or 40. I can't move. I don't want to eat, I don't take pleasure in any activities, all I want to do is sleep. See, classic signs of depression.

It makes things 400 times worse that I live on top of a very tall hill on the topmost floor of a building made of freaking GLASS that is south-facing. With a teeny tiny "air conditioner" that is installed on the floor (they didn't know that heat rises, I guess) and is powered by hamsters, I think.

So I park my computer on the floor next to the stupid thing, and call it my workstation. But it's not very ergonomic and I end up getting annoyed and frustrated, see paragraph 1.

Summer used to be my favorite season, but it's not anymore! This heat is taking my life. Taking life is murder! This heat wave is a murderer!

Oh yeah, motorcrash part 3:
Happened across a fresh one on Saturday, head-on collision, less than 60 seconds old by my count, judging by the witnesses who were just getting out of their car.

I didn't drive much Sunday. Went to look at apartments several miles away today, no crashes in sight.

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