Thursday, June 22, 2006


I have a subscription to It's been very useful in helping me trace my family tree, so I let them continue to charge me an arm and a leg every three months.

Yesterday they sent me an email to let me know they had added a new census to their database. They proclaimed that all the census data was caught up, all the way back to 1790. I made a mental note of it so as to remind myself later to work on my family tree some more.

Tonight in class, the professor was discussing surveys. And what's the biggest survey? The U.S. Census. And when was the first census? He asked.
"1790!" I shouted out. (with a mouthful of pretzel)

He looked at me, agape and impressed. I was so gleeful that I missed the next ten minutes of lecture, because I kept replaying the scene in my head. "1790!" "1790!" "1790!"

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