Saturday, August 05, 2017

Coffee post

Today Tommy arrives for 9 days. And Mike is off work. We are going to have a great time. I made a cup of coffee before I start setting up the guest room.

Both bathrooms now have floors and ceilings. I posted this one a while back, but here's the before:

And now after (too lazy to rotate photo):

The new schedule is working out well, where we no longer have a nanny. The kids do go to a friend's house one day per week for about 5 hours, but that's it. My house is staying really clean. Does this mean our nanny was really a slob?

Libby finished the 1st grade curriculum and Mae is about halfway through it. She's ahead in math.

I bought a weed wacker and do my own yardwork now, though it will be nice when Tommy is here because maybe he can help clear the path again, down into the ravine. I hired someone to do it a couple months ago, and it's already grown over with greenery.

We're trying to outline plans to move from this house. Our forever house. But now possibly not. It is not the house, it is the neighborhood. Not quite right, not quite what we had in mind. It's hard to admit it, though, so as long as we can't really afford to move it is easy to say it's just a maybe. And maybe the neighborhood will improve.

I'm trying a new (to me) VPN called but I already found a security flaw and I'm not even a tech person by any stretch of the imagination. I sent tech support a chat but since it's Saturday I guess they aren't answering. So we'll see on Monday. I might have to cancel the service already. It's frustrating to be bombarded with articles harping on me to get a VPN and also find out that no one has any recommendations, like there are 200 VPNs and they are all terrible. Please stop writing articles about VPNs if a good one is nonexistent.

Speaking of tech, our programmer is back to work and says he will have a beta product for us by the time we are back from vacation. I told Mike I have a bad feeling. It's just my gut instinct. But I feel like something is wrong with the arrangement. Mike will ask him for a copy of the code so then maybe I will feel better.

I'm listening to a new podcast called By the Book which I really like.

Mike and one of our friends are trying cryotherapy at this moment. They also did it yesterday. Our friend has a herniated disc (disk?) but he said the cryo is not helping. Mike has neuropathy in his feet and he said it was better last night but he actually thought it was not the cryo, but the magnesium oil he has been rubbing on his feet. Biohackers! can't just do one thing at a time so then you don't know what is working.

Mae is asking me for chocolate milk and keeps bugging, so now I sign off.

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