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{genealogy} Schoonover ancestry part 2 - Anson Schoonover

Anson Schoonover

Heather’s 4th great grandfather

When Anson Schoonover was born on February 14, 1817, in New York, his father, James, was 31 and his mother, Mary, was 35. He married Telitha Runyan on June 18, 1839. They had six children in 12 years. He died on December 24, 1853, in Warren, Indiana, at the age of 36, and was buried in Robb Cemetery, Williamsport, Indiana.

Anson’s exact birth date is derived from the age and death date listed on his gravestone. We know he was born in New York because that is what he reported on the 1850 census.

Here is an image of his marriage record showing his marriage to Telitha Runyan on 18 June 1839. This was recorded in Clark County, Ohio. In the left-hand column, it kind of looks like they marked Anson’s middle initial as “B”. Anson is 22 and Telitha is 19.

We can see Anson in the 1840 census in Pleasant Township, Clark County, Ohio. Even though the 1840 census is not an “every name” census, I like this one because you can see Anson is living next door to James Schoonover (presumably his father and is of the correct age), and George Runion, who is his wife Telitha’s father.

Here is the image of the 1850 census from Washington, Warren County, Indiana where we can see his whole family (this is a re-run of my post about daughter Mary). He is a farmer, and he reports that he was born in New York. We can derive from the kids’ birthplaces that they family moved from Ohio to Indiana around 1843. This is also where we find out about baby George, who is the only one of the Schoonover siblings who would not survive to adulthood. George dies at age 11. And he is also buried in Robb Cemetery, like his father. Youngest sibling Telitha Ellen hasn’t been born yet.

According to Anson’s gravestone, he died on 24 December 1853 at age 36. I couldn’t find any information regarding the circumstances of his death. A local newspaper called The Wabash Commercial that was printed in 1853-1854. Just the right time to report on Anson’s death. But all I could find were administrator notices printed in 1854. The Peter Schoonover listed as administrator is Anson's brother, who was also living in Warren at the time.

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