Thursday, December 22, 2016

{genealogy} Teague ancestry part 7 - Daniel Teague, Sr.

Daniel Teague, Sr.

Heather’s 8th great grandfather

According to Our Folks and Your Folks, Daniel Teague, Sr. is the first Teague to have a surviving record in America. It is a tax record from Hingham, Massachusetts, in 1719. Family lore says that other Teagues preceded him, but we can’t be sure. I did not find any Teagues in The Great Migration study of families that arrived in the 1600s.

Again from Hingham, here is the marriage record showing a marriage to Sarah Prey 7 Sep 1719.

Once again, the old vital records of the town of Hingham show us Daniel’s death date and approximate age at death. This is from year 1776, showing he died 15 Nov 1776 at age “about 80”. This would put his birth around 1694.

His burial location is unknown.

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