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{genealogy} Teague ancestry part 5 - Bani Teague

Bani Teague

Heather’s 6th great grandfather

When Bani Teague was born on February 27, 1742, in Plymouth, Massachusetts, his father, Daniel, was 23 and his mother, Elizabeth, was 24. He married Joanna Darling on March 29, 1766, in Middleborough, Massachusetts. They had four children during their marriage. Joanna passed away in 1775, after only 9 years of marriage. It is said that he remarried twice more: once to Sarah Tuttle, and also to Lucy Lincoln. Bani Teague fought against the British during the Revolutionary War. He died on January 15, 1820, in Oxford, Maine, having lived a long life of 77 years.

The source for his birth record is just an index, meaning, I haven’t seen the document with my own eyes, but it has been transcribed by a genealogist. I do have strong belief it was transcribed correctly.

His 3rd marriage to Lucy Lincoln took place on 1 Nov 1795, and here is the record:

A History of Buckfield, Oxford County, Maine was published in 1915 by the Maine Historical Society and Oxford County Clerk. They did not find much about Bani at the time of publishing:

But they did publish a history of his early settlement in Buckfield:

Another book, A History of Turner, Maine, from its Settlement to 1886, (published in 1887) elaborates on the mill that Bani, Jr. built. I did not reproduce it here since Bani Jr. is not in our direct lineage. But that same book includes a frontispiece that possibly indicates Bani’s property. See Lot No. 2 at the bottom.

Bani survived to be a Revolutionary War pensioner. I personally transcribed his statement. 

April 18, 1818
I, Bani Teague, of Buckfield in the County of Oxford in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, on oath declare that I served in the War of the Revolution as a soldier in the Army on the continental establishment and in the Massachusetts Line for the term of twelve months and longer, that I enlisted into service at Middleborough in the County of Plymouth and Commonwealth aforesaid on or about the last day of December in the year seventeen hundred seventy five into a company commanded by Captain William Reid belonging to a Regiment commanded by Col. John Bailey of Hanover for the term of twelve months, and marched immediately to Boston, thence, after the British Army left it, to New York, upon which place I returned with the Army and was afterwards on duty at various places with said company on North River and having served my said period of twelve months through I was discharged from said service to some places on said North River, but what part and place I can not remember.
After the above term had expired, I again enlisted into said service under Captain Hays of Waymouth, and served out eight months being the term of my enlistment, chiefly at West Point, and was discharged not having received any regular discharges in writing at the close of either period of my services.
I further declare that I am a resident Citizen of the United States of America, that I am not bound on any pension list of said United States and that by reason of my reduced circumstances in life, I am in need of assistance from my country for support.

Following Bani’s letter are 2 letters of testimony from fellow soldiers Elisha Bisby and Hezekiah Stetson, confirming that they served with Bani in the war. I transcribed Elisha’s letter because it contained more details about Bani’s service as well as a statement that they had been inoculated for small pox together.

I, Elisha Bisbu of Sumner in the County of Oxford in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, testify and say that I served in the Army of the United States in that War of the Revolution, as a soldier during the first years service so called, commencing on the first day of January, seventeen hundred & seventy six – that on that day, having previously enlisted into said service, I was attached to a Company commanded by Captain William Reid, which was then organized at Roxbury near Boston, belonging to the Regiment Commander Col. John Bailey of the Massachusetts Line.
Then I further say that Beni Teague, now residing in Buckfield in said County, was also a private in said Company, having enlisted for the year, that he marched to New York with said Company, and although I was detached from said Regiment into another Corps soon after our arrival at New York, yet I am confident that said Teague did continue in said company in said service during the whole of said year, as I was in the habit of frequenting said company and usually saw him there in said capacity of a soldier.
And I further state that I met with said Teague at Albany in the month of March in the year seventeen hundred & seventy eight, at which which time said Teague ascending to my present recollection was a soldier in said service as I was myself, he being at that time and place innoculated for the small pox from my arm.  ~Elisha Bisbu

Bani’s application was approved and his pension # is S38428.

Here is Bani’s probate record which helps us approximately verify his date of death. It is interesting that the judge’s name is “Judah Dana”, which initially confused me into thinking that this was Bani’s son. But no, Judge Judah Dana is not the same person as Bani’s son Judah Teague. Bani’s burial location is unknown.

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