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{genealogy} Teague ancestry part 2 - Judah Dana Teague

Judah Dana Teague

Heather’s 3rd great grandfather

Judah Dana Teague was born on July 18, 1821, in Turner, Maine, the child of Richard and Lydia. It appears that he was married 3 times and had at least 14 children. He died on October 15, 1896, in Caribou, Maine, having lived a long life of 75 years, and was buried there.

Here is his birth record:

His first wife was Eliza Ann Ricker. They were married 8 Jan 1842 according to indexed records of Maine marriages. I personally visited Turner Cemetery in Maine and found a gravestone for “Eliza Ann, wife of Judah D. Teague”. She died 25 Nov 1845.
Judah then married (2) Eveline Morse 5 Apr 1846. Their first son, Milton, was born in 1848.
When Eveline died in 1868, he married (3) Ann Elizabeth Small. They were married 20 May 1869. Both Eveline and Ann are buried with him in a different cemetery from his first wife. He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Caribou, Aroostook Co, Maine.

In most census records, his occupation is listed as “farmer”. But in 1860 it says “merchant” and I found a tax record from 1862 showing he paid a US tax of $10 for a retail dealer license. A local biographical sketch indicates that he opened a general store in Caribou. The biography also says that while he lived in Caribou, he lived on a quarter acre and built a 2-story house and stable. By 1870 he is back to “farmer” again.

What the census hides is that he also served as postmaster of Caribou (appointed 8 Apr 1864) and he served as Justice of the Peace for many years, and was elected to the Maine legislature 5 times.

Although most of his children moved to California, he remained in Maine his whole life. The Teagues in California became prominent citizens in Ventura County, primarily in the town of Santa Paula.

The biographical sketch Our Folks and Your Folks said:
Judah Dana Teague was a man of sterling worth and exemplary life. His education was acquired in the public schools and his early opportunities were limited but he became a man of polished speech and address and a fluent public speaker.

He was a close reader and student of current events and always had the courage to voice his convictions.

An ardent Republican, he upheld the principles of his party in many a hot debate and also consistently supported the prohibition of the liquor traffic.

Mr. Teague represented his district with ability in the State Legislature in the years 1867, 1868, 1869, and again in 1895.

He was elected again in September, 1896, but was ill at the time and in October, 1896, he died of angina pectoris.

He also held many positions of trust in the town of Caribou. In early life, he had been connected with an evangelical church, but his naturally religious nature
found its deepest satisfaction in a belief in the ultimate salvation of all mankind and he was associated with the founding of the First Universalist church of Caribou.

Some years before his death he gave to the town a fine tract of land to be used as a public park.

It is now known as Teague Park and has been set to trees and shrubs and is a splendid memorial of a former respected and prominent citizen. 

Today, it appears that Teague Park as “trees and shrubs” no longer exists, but there is a Teague Park Elementary School in Caribou, Maine, with a public sports complex across from the school. The address is 58 Park St, Caribou, Maine.
 Incidentally, there’s also a Teague Park in Santa Paula, California, where some of Judah’s children relocated.

19 Sep 1866 - Bangor Daily Whig and Courier
A cover of the first time he runs for office. Notice that not only is he running for office, he’s simultaneously serving as a Justice since he is mentioned twice in this article. 

19 Oct 1892 - Bangor Daily Whig and Courier
This news article shows that he belonged to the Bangor & Aroostook Railroad Company.

25 Jul 1895 – Bangor Daily Whig and Courier
This news article tells the story of his 74th birthday party. This would be his 2nd to last birthday.

15 Oct 1896 – Salina Daily Republican Journal
A telegram was received this morning announcing the death of Hon. J.D. Teague at his home in Caribou, Maine, of heart failure. He was the father of Mrs. R.A. Burch and Mrs. A.E. Wilson of this city, of R.H. Teague of Ellsworth, and of M.D. Teague, formerly cashier of the First National Bank of this place.  He was seventy four years old, and had just been elected to the Maine legislature for the fifth time as a Republican.

Here is his death record:

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