Friday, December 09, 2016

Five Bullet Friday

  • Missing appliance update: we finally have a new range. It actually took going to customer service at Home Depot twice, and disputing the charge with Chase Bank, but we got the refund for the range that didn't get delivered. We then bought a new range at Lowe's. We got the cheapest one and we really like it. It is a lot better than our old glass top stove. Glass top stoves are terrible because once they break they can't be fixed. After 2 of the burners went out we found out that there is a secret "cheap" aisle in the big box stores and that new ranges are actually less than $400. Also here in OC, Lowe's does their own delivery and the guys arrived in uniform, very professional and helpful.

  • What we just finished watching: Stranger Things season 1. We loved it! Laughed out loud when the older sister crawls into the tree stump, though. That would never happen! But awesome performances all around, and of course excellent set dressing.

  • update: scheduled 9 interviews total, and only 3 showed up. MASSIVELY DISAPPOINTING. But this bullet goes with the next 2...
  • So, sometimes you have to throw your hands up and hire a professional organizer. Sort of. One of our previous nannies also is an awesome organizer and so sometimes she helps dig us out. So I had to call her when our basement got out of control (again).  Here's the before and after:

  • Which leads me to the last bullet and our big announcement. Organizer lady used to run her own day care when she lived in another state. She has been here in OC for a few years but just works privately. So when she just happened to mention to me that she wished she could open her own day care again, I immediately thought of Mike who has been for years saying that he wishes we would open our own day care. I am the voice of reason who always says no way jose, but in this case if Mike and I were the landlord and Organizer actually managed the place, then it's a perfect match. And so we have officially partnered with her and we are moving forward with OPENING OUR OWN DAY CARE. 

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