Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday 5 (May 27)

Wishing a happy birthday to my brother. And I wish I'd remembered it before I wrote the date just now.

Gold star to the Cosmic Kids Yoga channel on YouTube. My kids LOVE it. And after we couldn't find any kids yoga classes in our area, I turned to YouTube and this was PERFECT.

Movie we saw last night: Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things. Mike went with me. We really enjoyed it. I myself am quite the minimalist already, definitely not an amateur. Mike liked the movie but says he's "not quite there yet". That's ok.

Book I'm (finally!) reading: The Four-Hour Workweek.  I KNOW. Why have I not read it before now? I really truly believed that since the book was published several years ago now, that I would have picked up all the info for free via Tim's podcast and all the other entrepreneur podcasts I listen to. I WAS WRONG. If you have the teensiest entrepreneurial inkling in your body, get this book. Now. I am kicking myself. Why? Because it's not just talk, not just philosophy. He walks you through actual step-by-step strategies and tons of sources, none of which have been re-created in any other book or podcast that I've absorbed so far.

Event I went to today: The Fallen Hero Memorial Highway Dedication Service for 2 brothers who died in Vietnam. I am compiling a book about the 60 men from Clackamas County who died in Vietnam. It is around 200 pages long now. I have been working long hours on it trying to get a draft done for Memorial Day. And so I only recently learned about George and James Wright. Yesterday I just happened to Google one of their names and found out about this ceremony happening today. I got a couple others from my committee to join me at the event and it was very moving. Their father was in attendance and he's 92 years old. The father had 6 kids so there were about 50 family members in attendance - quite a few nieces and nephews I imagine. This picture is after the ceremony and it's of the family.

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